Make sure items will circulate on the correct loan policy when moving them to a different location

Item location and item policy are not tied together in Alma.  Supposedly most items don’t need an item policy, since they circulate based on their location. Only items that do not circulate according to their locations should have an item policy to allow them to circulate differently from the other items in that same location.    During migration, we populated the item policy for many items based on their Sirsi location, trying to transfer their loan policy to Alma, but this also made moving an item a little difficult in Alma.

When moving an item to another location, if there is no item policy in the record, the item will be circulated as other items in the new location.

If you want the item to be circulated differently than the other items in the new location, you will need to add the correct item policy to the record.

If an item policy is already populated, but it should not have one, you need to remove the item policy to make it circulate as other items in the new location.