Playaways to have the material type of playaway

What was decided upon? (e.g. what has been updated or changed?) When cataloging playaways, please choose “Playaway” as the material type.

Why was this decided? (e.g. explain why this decision was reached. It may help to explain the way a procedure used to be handled pre-Alma) Alma has made more material types available, so we should utilize these options during cataloging. A list of available material types has been reviewed and the Material Type options in Item Editor have been updated.

Who decided this? (e.g. what unit/group) The Collegium of Catalogers

When was this decided? 10/4/2018

Additional information or notes. Changing “Material Type” shouldn’t affect circulation policies, unless there is a rule set for this material type to circulate differently. Please contact LTDS when batch changing existing items’ material type.