Updating User Records

To edit a user record, choose “Manage Patron Services” from the Fulfillment menu, look up the user, and then select “Edit User Record.”

You can edit the user’s address, phone, e-mail, etc. directly from this screen, but if you need to add a barcode or an additional address, select “Full Information.”

To add a user’s barcode from their Vanderbilt ID, first click on the tab marked ‘Identifiers.” Next, select “Add Identifier.” This opens a window that allows you to choose “Barcode” as the identifier type. Scan the user’s card, and then click on “Add and Close” to complete the process.

To add an additional address, phone number, or e-mail address, click on the tab marked “Contact Information” and add the appropriate field.¬†NOTE: If you do not want this information to be overwritten by the SkyVU feed, leave the “Add As An External”¬†checkbox empty.