Load Portfolios From Spreadsheet

Portfolio information such as proxy settings, URL, parser parameters, and inventory management groups can be imported and exported using an Excel spreadsheet. You can also activate/deactivate selected portfolios using an Excel file. An Excel Template and Field Descriptions are available from the Bulk Portfolio Information File. Please note that at least one of the following fields must be included in the Excel file: PORTFOLIO_PID, ISSN, ISBN, or OTHER_SYSTEM_NUMBER.

  1. Locate Collection and click Edit Collection.
  2. Click the Additional tab.
  3. Click the Full Text Service Type to open the Electronic Service Editor.
  4. Click the Portfolios tab.
  5. Click Load Portfolios.
  6. Select the appropriate file name.
  7. Select Loading Policy (see Adding, Updating, or Removing Portfolio Information in Bulk Using an Excel File).
  8. Select Action (Add, Update, or Delete).
  9. Select Validation Policy:
    • Validate online – When you select this option and select Next, validation is processed immediately. If errors are found, Alma prompts you to fix the validation errors before it allows you to continue to the next page of the Activation Wizard where you can select Activate.
    • Validate offline – Recommended for large files – When you select this option, select one of the following Validate offline options and select Next:
      • Load file if there are no errors – If the validation completes (offline) with no errors, the portfolio records in the Excel file are uploaded and activated. If any lines have errors, the job completes successfully but no lines are uploaded or activated.
      • Load file – ignore lines with errors – If the validation completes (offline) with errors, the portfolio records in the Excel file with errors are ignored and the remaining portfolio records are uploaded and activated.
      • Analysis only – Select this option to have Alma complete a validation of the records in the Excel file and do no further processing of the portfolio records in the Excel file.
      • For any offline validation method selected, see the Inventory Electronic Collection Activation/Deactivation job report in the History tab on the Monitor Jobs page for more information regarding the validation results. The job report provides a link to the Analyzed File that contains a column indicating the action taken for each record/row such as Localize and activate.
  10. Click Next.
  11. At the Activation Wizard: Activation Summary, click Load.