Manage Patron Services – Basics

Alma is the software program we use to process checkouts and returns. You log in to Alma with your VUNet ID and password at the following link:

Please be sure you logged on to the appropriate desk you are working at in Alma:

When checking out items, navigate to Fulfillment > Manage Patron Services in Alma.


Swipe the patron’s ID. If they do not have a Vanderbilt ID, they need to produce a photo ID or log into YES and you can look them up by name. Type it in as last name, comma, first name and wait for options to appear, then click on the matching name from the list and click ‘Go.’

Scan the items to check out. You should see them appear in the list below the ‘Loans this session’ list.

Please note, if an item has multiple parts, called pieces, a fulfillment note will populate when the item is checked out.  Please remember to check that all of the pieces are included prior to checking the item out to the patron.