Annex Missing Items Procedures

Missing Annex Items Procedures

  1. Look at the item record Item Status to see if it shows that the item is supposed to be “in place”. If so, check the item history by going to the item record and selecting the “History” tab. Check the “Item changes” and “Fulfillment activities” buttons to see if the item has recently been returned, in which case you may need to check returns or the reshelving carts.
  2. Have another annex staff member check for the title by looking up the request themselves.
  3. For patron requests – ask the owning library to search for the item, letting them know that it’s needed for a patron request.
  4. If the item isn’t found before the request is due to be shipped, go to the “Pick From Shelf” list and toggle the item to Missing by selecting the “Mark as Missing” option. This will automatically cancel the request and send a notification to the patron.

    1. For ILL requests: Notify ILL that the item is currently missing so they can roll the request over to the next library. Move the request to “Shipped”. Toggle the item’s status to “Missing” by looking up the title in the main search bar, then going to the item record and the row actions ellipsis, and selecting “Toggle Missing Status”.


3.2 Ask the owning library to search for the item.

  1. Management stacks should be searched for all missing annex items as they may have been sent over during the move. Make sure to check the Daane-Horn stacks (search the nearby area as some are mis-shelved) as well as our LC stacks before charging to missing.
  2. You may forward any items that require more investigation or follow-up to Teri. Unfilled requests must be recorded on your manual stats sheet and turned in to Teri at the end of the week.

* Contacts for searching missing items:


Central:, CC Daisy Whitten





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