Retired library staff have full library access

1. What was decided upon? (e.g. what has been updated or changed?)

Retired Vanderbilt Library staff shall have continued library staff borrowing privileges and full access to Vanderbilt Libraries services, including remote access to library electronic resources.

2. Who and when was this decided? (e.g. what unit/group)

The proposal was brought up at Library Advisory Council in May 2020, it is very much liked and approved by library administration soon after. Staff retired in July 2020 are the first group that granted full access rights and received their library cards after retirement. All previous and future library retirees can request their access rights and access cards by contacting library circulation desks.

3. Steps to grant retired library staff rights in Alma and Proxy server

  • Library retiree contact library circulation desk to request getting access privilege reinstated.
  • Circulation staff will collect VUnetID, current email and contact address, update the user record in Alma
    • General Information tab
      • using VUnetID as primary identifier
      • user group is “Heard Library Staff”
      • expiration date is one year from the creation date
      • purge date is two years after the expiration date
      • remove all non-patron roles from the user record
    • Contact Information tab
      • remove old work address and work email
      • add updated home address
      • add personal email address, mark it as “Preferred”
    • Statistics tab:
      • remove “library staff” statistical Category
      • add a new statistics:  category type is “Classification”, and Statistical Category is “Retired Faculty or Staff”
    • Notes tab
      • remove no longer needed notes
      • add a new note “Granted Enhanced Retired library staff status, with continued VUnetID access to electroinic resources, MM/DD/YYYY, your initial”
  • Send an Inform to request “access privilege for retired library staff”, provide VUnetID
    • LTDS will put the VUnetID  to “do not expire” list, so that the user records will not be expired by VUIT daily user feed
    • LTDS will also put the VUnetID to “proxy exception” file, so the user will be able to access electronic resources