Circulation Desk Operator-Limited roles for student employees

What was decided upon? It was decided that student employees at circulation desks will have only the Circulation Desk Operator –Limited role, so that they will not be allowed to deal with fines and fees. The one exception is the Central Default Circ Desk, which can have the Circulation Desk Operator role instead, so that they can handle fines and fees there. If they need to work at GIMS desk, then a separate role for that needs to be created with Circulation Desk Operator –Limited role.

Why was this decided? The Circulation Desk Operator -Limited role gives less access to Alma user records. However, the Central library needed this role for their student employees and will take responsibility for their student employees being made aware of the security concerns.

Who decided this? Administration with input from LTDS, Access Services Committee, and Central fulfillment staff.

When was this decided? 9/14/2018

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