VUnetID should be used for authentication when creating Alma accounts for Alumni

1. What was decided upon? (e.g. what has been updated or changed?) The decision to utilize campus authentication (VUnetID and epassword) anytime possible was made a couple of years ago and reaffirmed during the migration.

2. Why was this decided? (e.g. explain why this decision was reached. It may help to explain the way a procedure used to be handled pre-Alma) Does not require staff to set passwords in Alma for Alumni accounts.

3. Who decided this? (e.g. what unit/group) ILS Implementation Group

4. When was this decided? pre-migration and again during migration

5. Additional information or notes. Alma user records for Alumni should be created using the Alum’s VUnetID and no password should be set. The user record should be set to external to allow for login by VUnetID and epassword.