Items in billed/lost/missing/withdrawn location suppressed from discovery

1. What was decided upon? (e.g. what has been updated or changed?)

Items in billed/lost/missing/withdrawn locations should not be displayed in discovery layer.

2. Why was this decided? (e.g. explain why this decision was reached. It may help to explain the way a procedure used to be handled pre-Alma)

In Sirsi, billed/lost/missing/withdrawn locations were used to hold billed/lost/missing/withdrawn items, while Alma uses work order to process those items.  During the migration, billed/lost/missing/withdrawn locations were created and items were transferred to those locations temporarily.  Since those items are no longer available in library, they should be suppressed from discover, and not view-able to general public. Staff will work on removing those items from those temp locations, and put them into Alma missing/lost/withdrawn word orders. Billed/lost/missing/withdrawn temp locations will eventually be removed from Alma.

3. Who decided this? (e.g. what unit/group)
Alma Implementation Team, Access Services Committee, and Alma Systems Committee.

4. When was this decided?

5. Additional information or notes.
See Alma Systems Committee 1/15/2019 meeting minute.