SpineOMatic implementation


Dale created folders for Law, GIMS and Music on the G-drive in addition to the main spineomatic folder to be used by technical processing binding and marking.

The file for generating the labels is in this directory:


File is aboveLabel.txt. This filename is the only one that the software recognizes.

Modify this file for technical processing binding and marking when a new label is needed. Other libraries who do their own labeling will use their own files or this one, but always add a new location/label to the main aboveLabel.txt file.

Spineomatic was set up for Laura Matthews in Preservation. She found out that she was able to print labels that Binding and Marking had already printed in batch, but did not clear. Jamen set up a separate instance of spineomatic directory called spineomatic_pres for Laura to use and this resolved the problem.

Any new locations created in Alma have to be added to the aboveLabel.txt file if Spineomatic will be used to create labels for that location.

In the aboveLabel.txt file, the format is like this:  LIBRARY+LOCATION=LABEL

There can be a space in the label: CEN PER and that will print all on one line. A semi-colon is used to create a new line: CEN;PER would produce