Procedure for Binding

  • When books (materials) going to bindery arrive in Baker from other libraries we unbox them and put them on truck(s). If they have a work order on them, we will not scan them into Binding. If not, we will scan them into Binding.
  • Bindery books (materials) are input into ABLE (bindery system). After they have been put into the system they go to someone for proofing of the patterns. If patterns are correct, one pattern printout goes in book while another goes in a folder where we also keep the barcode, flag, etc. until the books return. After proofing, books are scanned to Commercial Bindery. They are boxed, an adhesive label are attached to front of each box with a POL number that has been created.
  • When books (materials) return from the bindery someone will open the boxes and put books on truck(s). Someone will proof the information on spine of book against the pattern and examine the books to make sure they were not damaged by the bindery. Barcode is attached, gift plate glued in, if there is one needed for a particular book, flags are inserted inside book, and any other paperwork that came out of the book is included.
  • Last, books (materials) are given to someone to stamp ownership stamp in, scan out, box and send to libraries.