On 2/7/2019, Julie Loder submitted a proposal for the Acquisitions & E-Resources use the reminder feature in Alma for notifying catalogers when an electronic resource was ready to be cataloged. These can easily be set up within Alma, thus creating efficiency over the past practice of filling out a separate web form or emailing. The web form itself is frequently broken and requires revisions and updates by LTDS. Catalogers no longer need to create the access point in the 856, thus making some of the information in the old form obsolete. By changing the workflow to using Reminders, it will help streamline the entire process from ordering to cataloging.


  • Add reminder link is easily available from search results
  • All information needed will be on the record and staff will no longer have to copy and paste title and MMS ID number, or other information readily available in the Alma record
  • Free text note field is available for special instructions.
  • We have the ability to customize type and statuses so that a cataloger could filter on a particular type to get their list of titles to catalog. For instance, we could create a type for each cataloger or copy cataloger and A&E would assign to that type, then one can filter on the titles needing their attention.
  • Statuses can be customized and could be used be to filter out the ones that are Done or perhaps In Process. Whatever works for cataloging. Types and statuses can be updated as needed in the configuration.
  • Keeps the workflow within Alma so we can tell if cataloging was notified to catalog an item and no one has to dig through email to know for sure.

Cons – both issues below have been posted to the idea exchange and sent in as a NERS enhancement

  • Currently, it is not possible to push reminders to the person for whom it was set. Catalogers would need to remember to go to Resources, Cataloging, Reminders to view their title list.
  • No widget available that can be easily displayed on the Alma dashboard
  • Not available in analytics.

On 3/14/2019, Julie added a few reminders to the Premium Alma Sandbox so that it could be experimented with.

Upon review during the CMC meeting on 4/10, it was determined that this will retain/track related information within the Alma system, release the need to maintain a separate form outside of Alma and lots of emails, and it will improve staff workflows.

On 4/11/2019, approval received from the Cataloging & Metadata Committee.


  • Each cataloger’s name would be assigned to a “type” so that the list of electronic resources which need to be cataloged can easily be filtered. This is done under Alma -> Configuration -> Resources -> General -> Reminder Types
    • Susan Bell
    • Chris Benda
    • Yuh-Fen Benda
    • Regina Berry
    • Zora Breeding
    • Sara Saddler
    • Jake Schaub
    • Thanita Sweat
    • Jeff Taylor
    • Chris Waldrop
    • Pete Wilson
  • Two statuses will be used at this time: New and Done. More may be added later. This is done under Alma -> Configuration -> Resources -> General -> Reminder Statuses
  • Gradually fade out the “cataloging request form” they’ve used in the past.
  • Requests to add online freely available resources to the catalog should be sent to the orders mailbox stating it is a free resource and including the URL.