No Renew for Hourly Reserve Loans

1. What was decided upon? (e.g. what has been updated or changed?)

Disallow any renewals on 2, 3 and 4 hour reserve loans.

2. Why was this decided? (e.g. explain why this decision was reached. It may help to explain the way a procedure used to be handled pre-Alma)

Reserve items are first come first serve, should be made available to as many as needed, we discourage any person hold a reserve item for a long time when it is needed by others. If any one needs the reserve item longer than the initial reserved hours, they can always re-check it out at reserve desk as long as no one else needs it.

3. Who decided this? (e.g. what unit/group)

Access Services Committee via an online poll.

4. When was this decided?  4/23/2019

5. Additional information or notes.