Request Priority have been adjusted to be “medium” for all requests

Alma set request priority for different type of requests, we used the out-of-box settings during migration, that is Work Orders (cataloging, book repair…) are set to Highest, patron requests are Medium in general.  When multiple requests are put to the same item, request priority come into play:

  • Requests with higher priority will be placed before requests with lower priority
  • Requests with the same priority will be placed based on the time the request was made

After a year of implementation, circulation staff encountered few issues with the out-of-box settings, and discussed at Access Services Committee meeting on Sept. 3rd 2019, made the following decisions:

  • Should faculty requests have a higher priority?
    • don’t think so
  • How should request priorities be made?
    • Make all request priority: Medium, so all requests will be placed in the order it was made
    • “Move temporarily” should have a high request priority, since it is mainly used for Reserve requests

The decision is approved by Alma Systems Group on 9/17/2019, and implemented on 9/18/2019.