Laptop checkout policy

Working with Council of Library Directors, Access Services Committee (ASC) finalized the laptop checkout policies.

The library will offer two types of laptop checkouts, one reserved checkout for 4 hours and one non-reserved checkout for 3 days, based on needs, each library can decide how many and which laptops are on short term checkout, and which are on standard checkout.

All laptop checkouts are first come first serve, with no renewals.

If the laptop is return late, for non-reserved checkout, there will be $10 per day late fee, with no maximum overdue fees; for reserved checkout, there will be $10 per hour late fee, with a maximum of $40 overdue fee.

For lost laptops, users are expected to pay the current market value of the laptop, plus a  lost item process fee of $25.

Additional email discussion among ASC members also voted to disallow checking out laptops to non-affiliated library users, the email consensus is stated below:

The following users will be able to check out laptops or laptop chargers, which would be a recreation of past policy:

  • Faculty
  • Graduate Student
  • Heard Library Staff
  • Law Faculty
  • Staff
  • Undergraduate Students

These users would not be able to borrow laptop or laptop chargers:

  • Alumni
  • Divinity Clergy Patrons
  • Family Resource Center Borrower
  • Fisk Borrowers
  • Kesler Circulating Library System-Wide Borrower
  • Law Unaffiliated Courtesy Borrowers
  • Music Library Blair-Affiliated Borrowers
  • Sewanee Borrowers
  • Spouses of VU Faculty, Emeriti, Staff and Students
  • System-Wide Sponsored Borrowers (including Visiting Scholars)

Those policies have been implemented in Alma since July 2019.