Receiving Shelf Ready books | GOBI Firm Ordered (3350-09)

*see exceptions for non-Acq receivers below 

We have contracted with GOBI to supply firm ordered books on the 3350-09 subaccount shelf ready. These are automatically loaded into Alma via Import Profile upon receipt of the records from GOBI.  Upon receipt, all books should already be fully cataloged and physically processed.  


  • As these shipments are unpacked in the mailroom, the books should be checked against the invoice to be sure that all the materials have been received.  If any items are missing or damaged, acquisitions should be notified ASAP.  
  • Place books on the appropriate shelves, in the same order as on the invoice.


  • Expect that all books will be cataloged and fully processed.  If any are not, alert your supervisor.  
  • In Alma, navigate to Acquisitions > Receiving and Invoicing > Receive 
  • On the Receive New Material page, check that your settings are for Shelf Ready books.   
  • CHECK Shelf Ready.  This will open a search field which may be used to scan in the barcode of the book in hand.  
  • Scan the barcode of the book into the Search field beside Shelf Ready. (Or you may search title, etc.) 
  • [If the barcode doesn’t come up, that means the barcode was not put in the item record.  Bring up the title, go to the item, edit and wand in the barcode. THEN go back to receive it in the regular way.] 
  • On the resulting screen, confirm that the call number on the spine matches the record.  Click on the hyperlinked title at the top of the page to view the cataloged MARC record. Check that the author and title match the title page.   
  • Check for any Receiving Notes.  Be alert to any instructions entered here. 
  • If the note is HOLD, you still have to go to the order, interested user and change from notify to HOLD before you receive it.
  • For Faculty Delivery notes, still add the flag and print out of the FD information. 
  • Art books: As they are cataloged, GOBI catalogers may change the Location based on the call number. Watch for this when receiving.  Be sure and check the location of these pieces. They are not always correct. Add proper flags if needed and ROUTE ALL PAPERBACK ART BOOKS to Binding.  
  • Return to the Receiving screen and check the box beside the “Not Received” status, then click on Save and Receive.   
  • Select Confirm on the confirmation window, and you will be returned to the search screen to scan in the next barcode.  The book will immediately go In Transit to the library.   


  • As soon as you have completed the books, take them directly to Marking to be packaged and sent to the appropriate service desks. There is no further scanning necessary.  The In Transit period for these books is very short, so these materials should be given priority and never be allowed to sit overnight before routing to Marking. A truck will be specially labelled for these items.Invoice:  
    • After receiving the books, initial and date the invoice and process as usual. (These invoices should already be loaded into Alma.)   Check the PO Lines tab of the invoice to be sure that all the PO lines indicate they are Waiting for Invoice.  If they still say Sent, the item may not have been properly received in the workbench.  Correct any that you find.  (IMPORTANT: IF you need to make this correction after the books have been scanned in at Central, in the Receiving workbench make your setting Keep in Department before you Receive. This will prevent the book from going back In Transit.)   
    • Invoices for Cataloging and Processing charges should be paid on POL-32474.  Follow the format used for previous invoices. 
    • Other notes: ***Shelf-Ready receiving notes for non-acquisition staff: PUT ASIDE: 
      • If barcodes don’t bring up a record. 
      • If receiving notes have 
      • HOLD 
      • Other notes you don’t understand. 
      • White flag with GOBI on it. 
      • Inconsistencies between the label and the location. 
      • Labels with: 
      • ARTS 
      • PBDY CL 
      • CEN OVER 
      • Volumes (v.1, etc) 

      Okay to ignore these receiving notes: 

      • CEN 
      • CEN Stacks 
      • Dup 
      • Int dup of ebook 
      • Similar notes