Making “discard” and “route” records in Alma


This procedure tells how to make records in Alma that will tell receivers of unsolicited periodical or serial issues what to do with them. These records do not show to the public.

    1. Import from OCLC a bib record for the publication that we are to discard or route. If you can’t find one, make a provisional bib record for it, with as much information as seems necessary to identify the publication (and keep us from confusing similar publications for it).
    2. In the 952 of the bib record, put what to do with issues of the publication, who made that decision, and the date. Examples: discard per M. Brown 4/17/2020; route to P. Covington 8/1/2020. Do not abbreviate “discard” or “route.”
    3. Make a holdings record.
      1. In the 852, use first indicator 8, second indicator blank.
      2. Holding library ($$b): the library of the person who made the discard decision.
      3. Location ($$c): MISC-MAIL.
      4. Call number ($$h): DISCARD, or, ROUTE TO P. COVINGTON (or whoever made the request. If the routing instructions are very complicated, just put ROUTE and give the details in the 952 of the bib record).
    4. Do NOT make an item record.
    5. SUPPRESS the record at title level. (This is very important. This record does not need to show to the public.) To do this: Have the bib record highlighted in the edit window. Click “Tools,” then “Set Management Tags,” then “Suppress from Discovery.”
    6. Once you have saved the record, release it.