Handling library returns during COVID

When school starts in late August, library will start to accept library item returns and checkout physical items .  Access Services Committee discussed the best way to handle items return.  Here are the recommended procedure:

  • Returned material will be quarantined for 72  hours, they should be placed in a bucket marked with the return date.
  • Library staff will process returned material after 72 hours’ quarantine, staff should use Override date and time function in Return items to specify the original due date.
  • Items transferred from another library should have been quarantined in the originating library, can be re-shelved or move to next step immediately.
  • System default transit time is 12 hours, no re-shelving time is needed.
  • Returned items will be released from user’s account after quarantine, this information is communicated to library users via “Due Date Reminder” and “Due Today Notice”.