Request a Specific Item for a Patron

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Request a Specific Item for a Patron

Best practice is to make title-level requests, to offer the best chance of the request being filled quickly, but it is possible to place item-level requests for specific issues or volumes, or a unique copy of a more common work (one with marginalia, for instance).

Patrons aren’t able to place item-level requests in the public catalog unless it’s for a specific volume or journal issue.

To request a specific item:

  1. Search for the item using the Physical Items search type, the Title search criteria, and the title. You can also use other criteria and terms as appropriate.
    1. In this case, the request is to be placed on a specific item, so it must begin at the item record for that item.
  2. Locate the item you want in the results list
  3. Click on the row action item list icon (the ellipsis) and select Request
  4. In the Request type field, select Patron physical item request
  5. Scan or manually type patron ID number into the Requester field
    1. There must be at least one circulating item with a barcode, otherwise, an error alert appears in red above.
  6. Add any special instructions or comments about the request in the Notes field
  7. Select the pick-up location
    1. No locations will appear if there are errors in entered fields above
    2. Campus is a setting not currently used by Harvard, so click on No Campus to get a list of potential library pick-up locations or click on a library already listed.
  8. Complete the additional request attributes as needed. (These are optional.)
  9. Click Submit to place the request.
  10. A message box at the top of the page confirms the request and displays a request ID.
    1. If you or the patron will need to refer to the request ID at a later date, we recommend copying it down.
    2. Request IDs are generated and displayed only when a request is first made. This number must be copied and saved by the patron or the staff member in order to be used later.