Bound-with cataloging procedures (Grima)


In Alma, bound-with items are currently connected on the bib level rather than the holdings or item levels. This set of procedures is meant to lessen the amount of labor required for Alma to construct a bound-with relationship between a parent bib records and one or more child bib records. Given that the array of circumstances in which a bound-with needs to be defined are varied and sometimes complex, this series of steps is limited to the most basic of situations. For cases where more subtle relationships require description and explanatory notes are required, additional steps need to be taken by hand.

What this Grima does:

  1. In the parent bibliographic record:
    1. A 774 field for each child is added ($$a [Title] $$w [MMS ID] $$9 unrelated)
  2. In the parent holdings record:
    1. A 014 field for each child is added $$a [MMS ID]
  3. In each child bibliographic record:
    1. A 773 for the parent record is added. ($$i Bound with: $$a [Title] $$w [MMS ID] $$9 unrelated)


  1. Only the parent record should have a holdings record and item record attached. Exceptions can be made if there are multiple copies of a particular child in the system.
  2. In Alma, open each of the bib records to be “bound” together in the Metadata Editor. (Note: In the interest of clarity, it is advised not to have any unrelated records open in the Metadata Editor at this time.)
  3. Navigate to
    1. Requires sign-in
  4. Navigate to Edit Records>Boundwith
    1. Requires additional sign-in. Enter your username and password. Institution is Production.
    2. (If you experience trouble signing in, contact LTDS.)
  5. In the resultant box, enter the series of MMS IDs for the parent first, then each of the children on separate lines.
  6. Press Submit.
  7. After the Grima has run, a results screen should appear, from which you can double-check that the process has run correctly.
  8. In the MDE, any additional notes needed can now be added to the parent and/or children records in a $$g.
  9. To run another bound-with Grima process, do NOT use the back button, lest the Grima run again on the same records. Instead, return to the website referenced in Step 2.
  10. The bound-with relationships will be processed overnight via Alma job.