Faculty in Bill Trouble

Faculty in Bill Trouble

When faculty members reach overdue item system limits, circulation staff should:

  1. Contact the department liaison (https://www.library.vanderbilt.edu/subject-specialists.php) that matches the department found in the faculty member’s Address 1 field.
  2. Create a “pop up” User Note indicating: Referred to [liaison or director, with contact information] to resolve unreturned loans.

A list of all faculty members who has reached overdue system thresholds is available in the Faculty in Bill Trouble tab of the Fulfillment dashboard. Continue to offer non-Resource Sharing Services borrowing services to the faculty member while a liaison works to resolve borrowing issues.

If a liaison cannot resolve billing issues:

  1. Add a REFERRAL patron block in the user record: Faculty member must contact [liaison or director, with contact information] to resolve borrowing issues before loaning additional items.