Instructors between appointments

Some users who are instructors do not teach during the summer but are scheduled for the fall. When this happens, their teaching status in the FIS feed changes to ‘FUTURE’. This causes an issue in the feed that is loaded into Alma, essentially changing the user group to ‘Non-Borrowing’. As a work around, the only thing to do is to find the latest user feed that contains the user’s full information and reload using the SIS Integration profile. Then, on libvm15:/apps/alma/alma-api/user_data directory, add this user to the staff_exceptions.csv file so that future feeds do not update this user’s record incorrectly.

PSI has on their development plan to change any teaching faculty who has ‘FUTURE’ back to ‘FACULTY’, but that has yet to be developed and implemented.

This also addresses new faculty who have yet to start.