Items for other than INTERNET with location WEBACCESS that duplicated other WEBACCESS copies

1. What was decided upon? (e.g. what has been updated or changed?) It was decided that the CENTRAL WEBACCESS records (and also any other library than INTERNET, WEBACCESS records) would be extracted and loaded into Alma as is. Once we see if this creates duplicate online items in Alma, we will do a clean-up project if necessary.

2. Why was this decided? (e.g. explain why this decision was reached. It may help to explain the way a procedure used to be handled pre-Alma) Some records were created with another library than INTERNET for e-resources for various reasons.

3. Who decided this? (e.g. what unit/group) ILS Migration Systems Group

4. When was this decided? 2/6/2018

5. Additional information or notes.