Ordering a Package or Database Collection

For collections that will be included in the Database A-Z list, use a local bib in Alma. We will be storing metadata for the A-Z list in Alma and do not want our local information overwritten. For non A-Z collections we can use the CZ Collection record.

You will be able to see the shopping cart/order icon from either a title or a collection search. Portfolios (if available) will inherit the POL from the collection record.

For Collections with Portfolios that won’t be displayed in the Database A-Z list:

  1. Locate the Collection in the community zone.
  2. Click the Activate from the action list.
  3. In the Activation Wizard: Electronic Collection and Services Setup window:
    1. Check the following boxes:
      • Mark bib as suppressed if you do not want this collection to appear in Primo. Any portfolios within the collection will remain visible to the end user.
      • If the bib will remain unsuppressed, enter the URL for the resource in the Level URL field and enable the proxy. Example of when you would want to use a non-ERES URL for the collection: If law wanted an entry to display in Primo for the Early American Case Law from Hein.
      • Activate this electronic collection service.
      • Make service available.
      • Automatically activate new portfolios (only if we are purchasing all content).
    2. Active from date – enter today’s date.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Confirm in the confirmation pop up window.
  6. In the Activation Wizard: Linking Information window:
    • Proxy enabled = yes (unless activating free/OA collection)
    • Proxy selected = Default ( currently: PROXY )
  7. Click Next.
  8. In the Activation Wizard: Select Activation Method window, select the appropriate method for activating portfolios (e.g., manually, via spreadsheet, all).
  9. Click Next.
  10. Verify information in the Activation Summary and click Activate. You will receive an email when the activation is complete.
  11. Do an All titles search for the collection in the institution zone.
  12. Click the Order button from the action list (be sure you are at the bib level!).
  13. At the PO Line Owner and Type screen:
    • Purchase Type = Electronic Collection – Subscription (or other appropriate type)
    • Be sure to check the assign inventory manually button otherwise a second collection record will be created.
  14. Enter the relevant order information.
  15. Navigate to the General tab of the Collection record and enter the PO Line number in the Acquisitions and License Information section.
  16. Remember to make sure that the base URL has been proxied and to test access from on and off campus.