Music Blanket Orders

Arkiv Music and Dust to Digital CD blanket orders are processed slightly different than other BLO’s because we don’t receive records from the vendors.

How to process them:

  1. Check for duplication.
  2. Bring a record from OCLC.
  3. Create an order using the following details:
    • Library: Music & Location Service Desk
    • Vendor :10-2687 for ArkivMusic and 10-2689 for Dust to Digital (Forced Exposure)
    • Price from invoice
    • Fund: MUSIC_BLO
    • Acquisitions Method: Approval Plan
    • Material Type: CD? if available in the list
    • Write POL# on invoice next to each title
    • Order Now
  4. Go to receive item and do the receiving just like any other material. Assigned 2 of a kind bar codes.
  5. Post invoice in Alma and give to Linda for approval.