Scan in Items – Basics

The Scan In Items function is used when you need to record an in-house use:

Scan In Items also allows you to make  changes by using the Change Item Information tab. The options that you see will depend upon your roles and location, but include the following:

  • Create a temporary location for an item, with an expiration date.¬† When the temporary location expires, it will appear on your Pick from Shelf list, but will stay in the temporary location until you Scan In an Item.
  • Change the Call Number type or assign a new Call number (be sure that you know what you are doing).
  • Add the item to a course reserve reading list to place the item on reserve, and change the item policy while you are at it.
  • Check requests will generate additional columns in the item list, it can also generate a letter when a location or item type is changed.
  • The Restore Change type reverts any temporary changes to an item, including reserve status