Adjunct Faculty

When a patron states they are an Adjunct faculty, we need to request their appointment letters to be sent to with a subject line of “Adjunct Faculty”. These then are to be stored electronically in the the ASC Sharepoint Restricted folder – “System-wide borrowers not in daily feed” -> “Adjunct Faculty” -> “2019 created” and have this naming convention: last name month year (beginning of privileges) – month year (end of privileges).  For example: Dr. Crouch official letter received 1/17/2018 and is good through 12/31/2020, so her file name is “Crouch 0118-1220.pdf”.

Once received, if a VUNet ID is not assigned, we can request one to be generated (normally this is not needed). Then, an Alma record is either created or updated to reflect this information, setting the expiration date to the ending of the appointment and the purge date for one year later. The User Group is assigned as “Faculty”.  And finally, on the EZProxy server, an exception is made to shibuser.txt to grant these users access to our electronic resources.