Purging Users

This is an monthly process that should be completed by a member of Library Technology & Digital Services. 

Purge expired patron records.

  • If there are no outstanding bills or fines and no paid bills for item cost or lost books, purge user record if it has been expired for at least 2 years.
  • Expired patron records with paid bills for item cost or lost book, purge user record after 7 years.
 Step 1:
Identify users to be purged. The easiest method is to use Analytics. 
* look for Purge Date for last two years (“Annual Purge Users” report in Fulfillment is set to look at the Purge Date for the last two years and earlier)
Step 2:
Export to Excel and then use that to create a set into Alma.
Step 3:
Run a job (Admin -> Run a job) – “Update/Notify Users” and change their User Group to “Purge these users” User Group
NOTE: This may not be needed since we are basing this off of the “Purge Date”, but it is a nice safe guard.
Step 4:
Admin -> Purge User Records
Add job
* Number of days after purge date = 1
* User record type = public
* User group = “Purge these users”
* Waive threshold = 0
Important Note: In Analytics, any analytics will be maintained for these users and their Primary Identifier will be moved to the LastName field.