Access Alma and library catalog Sandbox

The library has access to an Alma premium sandbox. This sandbox contains a full replication of the data and configurations from our Alma and Primo VE production environment, data are refreshed twice a year, usually in February and August.  Sandbox environment is completely isolated from production environment, is perfect for staff training, testing, and exploring.

Sandbox Access ¬†Alma Sandbox can be accessed from Alma production, under the “Help” menu, there is an option called “premium Sandbox”, choose the SAML option, using your VUnetID/epassword to login, you will be asked to do the multiple factors authentication too.

Alma Sandbox and library catalog Sandbox links are also available in HeardAlert home page, those links are on the right side quick link area, look in the “Catalogs” section, for “Alma Sandbox” and “Library Catalog Sandbox”.

All staff member have access to Alma and library catalog sandbox, new features and new releases are applied to Sandbox before they are applied on Production. Staff are encouraged to check new features, test out new operations, learning new tricks in Sandbox.