Process billing/credits for graduated students

Last updated on 9/9/2022

  • Graduated students are automatically turned into Alumni once their records expire in student feed (this happens on Tuesdays when LTDS runs an inactivation script against VU inactive feed).
  • Once graduated student accounts change to “Alumni”, their bills/credits are no longer sending over to Student Account
  • If staff are issuing credits to a recent graduated student, please
    • Try do it after Tuesday  (timing is important, because student inactive feed happens on Tuesdays)
    • Update the student User Group to “graduate student” or “undergraduate student”.
    • Go to History tab, look for the most recent “Additional ID” change, where the ID has been wiped off when user group changed to Alumni.  Copy that ID
    • Go to Identifiers tab,  Add Identifier, choose “Additional IDI 1” as the “Identifier Type”, then paste the ID to the value filed.
    • Save the user record.
    • Double check next Monday to ensure credits are sent over to Student Accounts on Sunday night. If not, please submit an Inform for LTDS to investigate.
  • The student user group will be updated to Alumni the following Tuesday when inactivation script runs against to the VU inactive feed.