Make PDF Read only

There are times when digital items or digital text that are placed on reserve are required to prevent users from downloading the content, forcing the user to read/view it on the screen within Leganto. This can be done, but it requires several steps:

  1. Take the INFORM submitted and go into Alma. Go to Admin -> Manage Sets. Click the “Add Set” button and select Itemized.
  2. Give the set a name – make it easy to find (I usually name it something like “Embed Only” or “Read Only”);
  3. Change “Set Content Type” to Citations
  4. Click “Add Members to Set”;
  5. In the search bar at the top, it should have changed to “Citations”, with “Title” search selected (if not, change it to these). Enter the title submitted in the INFORM and search.
  6. On the Facet side on the results page, make sure “Active” is selected under Courses. This way you get the right item.
  7. Click the check box next to the item you want to add and then click “Add Selected”. Once you have done this for all of the titles in the INFORM, click “DONE”.
  8. Now, go to Admin -> Run a Job
  9. In the Description search box, type “citation” and hit Enter. Choose the job named “Reading List Citation Update Task” and hit the Next button.
  10. Select the Set you just created and hit Next.
  11. The only thing you need to change here is this: Embed PDF files. From the drop down selection, choose “Embed (Read only)” and hit Next.
  12. Then click Submit.

That does it. It’s pretty quick to do once you get the hang of it.