Primo VE: Citation Styles and Analytics

If trying to find out how much a Citation style is being used in Primo VE, you will notice that currently, Ex Libris displays the results as “Citation Style 1”, “Citation Style 2”, etc. Currently, there is no easy way to get to this data, so you would have to check the browser using the Web Developer Tools provided and in particular, the “Network Trace”. Per Ex Libris:

By inspecting the ‘beacon’ calls using the browser Network Trace, and trying each Citation Style in your Primo UI, I figured out the current mapping.
Each click on a Citation style generates 2 beacon calls.
In the 1st call, ‘OP’=”Citation” and ‘O8’=”american-medical-association”.
In the 2nd call, ‘OP’=”CitationStyle1″

Citation Style 1 = american-medical-association
Citation Style 2 = apa-cv
and so on

As of 03/17/2023, this is how the Citation Styles map to what we have:

Citation Style 1 = AMA (11th edition)

Citation Style 2 = APA (7th edition)

Citation Style 3 = ASA (6th edition)

Citation Style 4 = Author-Date Referencing

Citation Style 5 = Chicago (17th edition)

Citation Style 6 = MLA (9th edition)