Request Pickup Configuration

A library can configure rules that determine how different aspects of request workflows are managed. Using these rules, libraries can better control how and when requests expire, how they appear on the pickup shelf, and whether the item is to be considered missing if it was not fulfilled within a specific number of days.

Alma Requests Life Cycle Illustration

Access Service Committee reviewed what will  happen when a patron submits a request, what system jobs are running, how staff actions and user actions affect the status of items and requests (see attached illustration or this FAQ-style explanation) on December monthly ASC meeting (12/1/2022),  made decisions on the following request configurations:

  • Consider as missing when expired: Never
  • Show in ‘Pick from Shelf’ list:  True
  • Expiry Time for ‘Pick from shelf” (in days): 14
  • Calculate expiry time in open days: yes

In addition the team decided to keep the following hold shelf configuration:

  • Maximum time on Hold Shelf (days): 7

With those settings, we can avoid items being marked as “Missing” when not processed within certain days.  Staff are aware requests will be cancelled by the system if not processed before expiry date, and are reminded to check “Pick from Shelf” and “Expired Hold Shelf” on a regular basis, to process items throughout the requests life cycle.